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1. Pick just one boy that you would most like to get drunk with. Explain why.
-Harry c: He would be a flirty drunk c;
2. If Liam and Danielle were to break up, what would be your honest reaction?
-I would probably Die a little bit. Then be fine because they probably have a good reason.

3. If only one boy could be single, who would you want it to be?

4. If you could remake any movie with one of the boys to star in, which movie would it be and which boy would you pick?
-The notebook...Me and Liam <3

5. Which boy would you most likely want to design a line of clothing with?
-Louis :D,We have the same fashion sense c: Zayn and harry are close seconds c:

6. If you were to date one of the boys solely for their looks, who would it be?
-grr...ummm..this is hard...Liam or Harry I guess :/

7. Ship Harry with a celebrity. No it can't be Louis.
- Errr...Selena Gomez c:

8. What reality show would you most likely want to be on with the boys? Explain why.

9. Which singer or band would you like to see collaborate with 1D?

10. Which two boys do you think get on the least?

11. What piece of clothing from any of the boy's wardrobes do you wish you owned?
- Liams :D

12. If one of the boys offered to sing to you, who would you want to sing, and what song would you want it to be? It can't be a One Direction song.
-Niall and Torn

13. Which one of the boys do you think is the smartest?
- Liam c:

14. Have you ever been hurt by something one of the boys has said or done? Be honest.
-Yes :c  Iwas hurt when Zayn left twitter :'c But I was better because He got back on c:

15. Would you rather: Have 1D break up on bad conditions, but make up and come back for a reunion tour in a few years. OR Have 1D break up on good conditions, but not come back for a reunion tour?

16. What song best describes the way you feel about Zayn?
- Let me love you -neyo
18. Who would you rather trade places with for a day to spend with their boyfriends? Eleanor, Danielle, or Perrie?

19. Ship each one of the boys with a Disney Channel star. They can be from movies, past shows, etc.
Louis: Alyson Michalka
Harry: Selena Gomez
Liam: Jordan Pruitt
Zayn: Ashley Leggat
Niall: Demi Lovato duhh!

20. Which one of the boys would you pick to be on your team for every sport?

21. If you could ask Niall any question on the planet what would it be? He would reply to this question honestly.

22. If they weren't in a band, what job do you think each of them would be suited for?
Harry: Stripper...
Louis: Teacher
Niall: Radio Host
Zayn: Actor
Liam: Athlete

23. What colour looks best on each boy in your opinion?
Harry: Navy blue and white c:
Liam: White
Niall: red
Zayn: black
Louis: stripes

24. Describe the way you think each of the boys kiss.
Harry: romantic and passionate
Louis: fun
Niall: Sweet
Liam: Very romantic
Zayn: passionate


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